Horst Kroll rolls out Frissbee at VARAC Festival

Vintage race meets have a habit of bringing out the legends and the 2007 VARAC Festival did not disappoint. Canadian racing legend and the last Can Am series Champion Horst Kroll was in attendance with an old friend in tow.

Kroll has been racing in Canada for as long as many can remember. While I’m not sure what year he started racing, he was the winner of the Gulf Canada Series race at Harewood Acres in 1970 in a Chevy powered Lola. Perhaps the peak was winning the Can Am Championship in 1986 in his Frissbee KR-3.

For the 2007 VARAC Festival, Kroll didn’t just bring the Frissbee out of the mothballs, he brought the whole tow rig that he used over the years. He was even wearing his old driving suit to complete the glimpse into the past.

This outing was an opportunity to show some history to fans who may never have seen a real Can Am car, not a high speed lapping day. Kroll spent 3 weeks freshening the car to make it driveable, but there was not intention to run the car hard. Tires for Can Am cars aren’t all that readily available these days, not to mention they aren’t overly cheap. For this weekend, the car had a combination of 20 year old rains on the front and slicks on the back. The beast still looked wonderful on the track. Twenty years in storage likely caused the pistion rings to get a bit sticky, which would explain the bit of oil smoke from the exhaust.

Horst Kroll still operates Kroll’s Auto Service, a shop specializing in repairs and restoration of German cars. If you’d like a bit of that magic in your teutonic ride, give Horst a call at 416-282-5689

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  1. Mike says

    I was in the paddock when HK when just unloading the Frissbee. Frankly, the car, trailer and tow-truck
    all looked pretty tired, like they’ve all been in a barn. He said was offering it up for sale. I have a photo of a very young Paul Tracy sitting in one of his cars from ’85 or ’86 somewhere.

  2. says

    No question Mike, this is old, tired equipment that was ridden hard and put away wet. It’s just really cool that he’s kept it all together. It’s also interesting to note the difference between the rigs of old and the rigs in use today.

  3. Jim Bowie says

    I think…. that the "Friss" in Frissbee is Brad Frisselle. He is the father of Grand-Am DP drivers/brothers Burt & Brian Frisselle. Do you know if that is correct Gary?


  1. […] most of whom were indeed old farts. Aside from Brack and de la Plante, guests included racers like Horst Kroll and one of Canada’s original motorsport photographers Hans Gulde. Long time racing scribe […]

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