Honda Indy Toronto: the boys & girls of Thunder Alley (ok, so mostly girls!)

Thunder alley girls (15)

Having been at this for a few years now, I’ve gotten over the somewhat creepy aspect of asking models for hire if I can take their picture. After all, they are hired too look good and I’m an old fat guy wearing a photo bib. Its the natural order of things at a pro race. Besides, I can easily justify the creepy factor when I think of our readers and how much you enjoy oogling the pretty product people. I try to keep it equal, but there really aren’t that many guys in Thunder Alley. You girls (and boys) who want to look at boys will just have to wait till I get around to posting the driver galleries. Don’t worry, there are tons of driver pics.

For now, hit the break to see Thunder Alley Girls part 1

[nggallery id=52]


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