Have at it boys!

Few sports are as hotly contested as auto racing, which means that when things don’t go someone’s way, there is always a chance for fisticuffs to break out. Of course the roundy round racers have more of a history of “takin’ it outside” than most other series. The NASCAR circus kept true to that history yesterday when Jeff Gordon got into Clint Bowyer on the last lap of the 3 to last race of the season at Phoenix.

For those of you, who like me, didn’t get to see the race, I’ve got the action for you below.

What do you think: with the absence of the NHL, should the NASCAR boys keep fighting like hockey players?


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    I've been watching Nascar since the early 70's and slowly drifted away from it the past few years like so many other fans. There was a time when drivers didn't jump from one manufacturer to the next every other year, the only sponsorship you saw on the cars was automotive related, and the drivers raced with a passion that you don't see today. If an unwritten rule was perceived to be broken, then you had to expect the consequences of retaliation. This created feuds between drivers, such as the famous Cale Yarborough Bobby Allison fight, that further cemented the loyalty of fans and sparked interest in the sport.

    As Nascar went big-time with corporate sponsorship and the sport grew, along came political correctness and choir boy drivers that were fined for speaking their mind or driving too aggressively. Nascar was trying to protect the image of the big corporate sponsors and the money that came with it. As a result, the sport got boring and the fans started leaving.

    I think it's time to bring back some of the good ole boy drivers, teams, and the attitude that goes with it. Controversy and the passion for racing is what people want to see and root for. I think Nascar is finally starting to realize that.

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