Happy 4th of July!


July 1st, us Canadians celebrate Canada Day, and now it’s time for our friends south of the border to send of some fireworks for Independence Day. We hope you all have a great day and enjoy some BBQ for us!


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    Aren’t those Canadians just great, Aye! How considerate of you for taking the time to mention the States and I salute you for that. I spent a bunch of years as a member on the Olympic Shooting Team and no matter where in the world we were competing it was always fun to be around Canadian competitors. Both respectful and fun and equally as competitive as anyone in the world. Why would anyone ever expect anything different from the automotive types from Canada?

    Comedian Dick Smothers drove that John Greenwood Corvette at Sebring in the “over two-liter” Grand Touring Class. The two of them won their first two races in that car and took sixth overall, first in class. (Speaking of Shelbys, that was the year that John Wyer was running the GT-40’s and won it all.) If you don’t think he was any good just remember who he was racing against back then. There was Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme, Mark Donahue driving the Penske Porsche, Jackie Stewart, Phil Hill and more.

    Then he bought the first Eagle ever made from Dan Gurney. George Wintersteen bought the second one and they formed “The Smothers Brothers Racing Team”. It was at Laguna Seca at the ripe old age of 18 that I first met Dick when he asked me to help him in the pits. I was fresh out of the sticks from Oregon and just being at a formula race track was nothing short of a fantasy. I remember when Dick asked me if I would like to help out for the weekend and I asked, “How much do you charge?” I was in Heaven and the truth was I was so excited about being in the pits with all the big stars and sounds that I didn’t even recognize who he was. On the second day of racing someone asked me if I would take the wagon load of tires back to Smother’s pit and a few seconds later I realized why he looked so familiar.

    Dick Smother’s co-driver, John Greenwood was inducted to the Sebring International Raceway Hall of Fame during the inaugural induction ceremony that took place in conjunction with the track’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

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    Wow Gary, you just continue to amaze me!

    I had forgotten about the Smothers/Greenwood connection. Actually, in the 70’s there was a place called Greenwood Corvettes in the north end of Toronto. I wonder if it was related, maybe an outpost office or a Jack Boxtrom hideaway.

    A little bit of google turned up the excellent http://www.greenwoodcorvettes.com or of course we can ask our resident been there, done that guy!

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    You guys made me curious so I dropped John at VARAC an email and asked him. Here is his gentlemanly reply.

    Hi Gary ,
    Nope I am another John Greenwood , in fact arround here I get the moniker of
    “thee John Greenwood ”
    I am70 yrs old and have been racing for 50 yrs , so i guess that i was “thee
    John greenwood” before the other one , so therefore i must be Thee rightful
    heir to the noble name .
    …………..signed in jest …….. John Greenwood ….AKA…… The wee

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    John sent another message that he asked me to post as well.

    “Gary, I am now recovered from being “hi heid yin” at the VARAC vintage Festival at
    Mosport June 22–24 .
    Next year we are planning to have a CAN-AM feature . maybe you could come
    along or if not, tell your friends . John”

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    Ooh…it’s been a few years since they’ve had a can am tribute.

    Maybe you could drag Lucky up here for the group 70 race!

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