Grand Tourismo Nights Trailer

I have to admit that I am not much of a game geek. In fact, we bought the kids a PS3 for Christmas this year and I still haven’t played a single game! That’s because I am patiently waiting for the release of Grand Tourismo 5, which promises to be the best car game ever created. The graphics and car dynamics have gotten so realistic that it just has to be incredible.

The latest I’ve heard from the geeks at the local EBgames is that GT5 is supposed to hit the shelves next week. It has been a while without any fresh buzz, so the folks at Sony have released another trailer for the game. This time we see some of the night time action. I’m not too into the street racing bits, but the DTM cars and NASCAR cars look pretty realistic.

Check out the trailer after the break

GT5 Nights Trailer


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    I’ve had PS3 for over a year and PS2 before that. The prologue is great, but I lust after the new game! PS2 provided a good game, but the Prologue took it to another level with only enough to wet our appitite. Get yourself a wheel and set it up so you drive the car not screw around with some controller. It is almost real!

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