Going Iron Man in the longest race in the world

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The longest race in the world.

The 25 Hours of Thunderhill is the longest race in the world by 1 full hour. sure, the guys and girls go for 24 at Le Mans and Daytona, but there is only one 25 hour race. Endurance racing history is full of tales of heroic drives and teamwork, but the really hard core guys, the ones all the others remember are the nut jobs truly tough individuals who have completed a race around the clock driving solo.

How does one sit that long without peeing?

At the end of this weekend, Donny Edwards hopes to be able to answer that question. Donny is planning to run the 2009 25 Hours all by his lonesome in the very competitive E2 class in his Brimstone Dynasty Spec E30 BMW. Just to clarify this, the race starts at 11 am this Saturday and runs all night, finishing up at noon on Sunday. Most teams will cycle between 5 or 6 drivers to keep everyone fresh. Just in case, there is a back up plan and thats where The Garage comes in.

Occasional contributer to The Garage, Will Faules, is a pro racer and a regular competitor in the Spec E30 class. In fact, the only times Donny hasn’t dominated his class in 2009 are the events that Will showed up. Just in case even Will needs a nap, the roster has up and coming pro racer Christian Harteine. As Will’s old man has said, the key to winning a round the clock race is to have a back up plan for everything and it seems like Donny has some pretty serious back up.

Did I mention that those Faules guys have won the 25 Hours a couple of times? These dudes know how to get the job done! Team Brimstone Dynasty is also being supported by Durtworks Incorporated, Terra Nova Industries, Rental Solutions, Trout Farm Photography, Mother Nature INC. With power like that, we’re looking for a strong finish!

Internet availability is a bit spotty at Thunderhill, but I know that Will and Gary will do their best to keep us up to date as the day turns into night and the big lights come on.

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    • says

      I soon as I saw this, I remembered an interview with Ron Fellows from a few times ago. He revealed one of those pro secrets that nobody actually needs to know.


      Oh well, I guess you should be washing your suit between races anyway, but I pity the driver who takes the next stint!

  1. says

    I had to laugh… Not long ago I was talking with Nascar racing legend Buddy Baker and he was telling me about a 500 mile race he was in back in the early 60’s and one that was really hot. The heat from under the car was so bad he couldnt hardly stand it so when he came in for a pit stop someone dumped a large bottle of water down the back of his neck and it ran down inside his suit. He said, “Now that wouldnt have been so bad had I been getting out of the car but I had 200 more miles to go and it was over 135 degrees in the car and with that water running down inside my suit…. Well let me out it to you this way. Have ya ver heard of “Butt Stew”?

  2. Leighton Irwin says

    How about the crew who have to prepare the car for the next race? Good thing they have seat inserts.
    I remember an endurance race at Mosport when Jim Swan pulled off in his Mini half was between 6 & 7, jumped out and ran from the car and over the fence into the trees. Marshals started running from the two stations lugging 20 lb. extinguishers that weigh about 40 lbs. Rough ground and uphill from 6. About the time they got there Jimmy emerged from the bush zipping up.
    Kind of funny but the marshals’ lugging the fire equipment were not amused at the time.

  3. says

    Having raced many long houred endurance races I have always considered the planning, preperation of the car AND the crew and the building of the car it’s self equally as important at the race it’s self. The best drive in the world can not win if the car ist up to the challange. Very rewarding indeed as a car builder.

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