Gas prices from hell!

I’m not usually one to complain too much about gas prices. I drive an suv, mainly by choice, but partially because we need at least one vehicle with some cargo space and towing capacity. I refuse to drive a minivan on principle, not that a Quest gets any better gas mileage than an Xterra.

This morning, the low fuel light was on so I had no choice to stop and put in gas. Or perhaps I should say liquid gold!$1.02 a liter!! I put in $35 and it only filled the tank half way. This is freakin brutal. Of course Karting starts this weekend, so switching to a car won’t be happening any time soon.

To put all of this into perspective for all you American readers, there are roughly 4 liters to a gallon. At the current exchange rate, that works out to roughly $3.27 US dollars a gallon! A quick online search shows gas prices in Buffalo taday ranging from $2.52 to $2.85 a gallon. Buffalo is about an hour long drive from downtown Toronto.

Us Canadians are a quiet bunch who don’t freak out about stuff, but perhaps this is something we should start sounding off about.


  1. says

    picture it now – a 250 lb dude facing a 58 km (35 mile) commute in the rain on a vespa!!!

    at least i could have a ton of chrome! has anyone ever put flames and pinstripe on a vespa?


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