From the Savage Speed Garage: 58 Dodge


From the kool corner of The Garage comes the latest in an ever growing line of killer equipment. Herr Von Minden has been doing the paint work on this super rare 1958 Dodge Regal Lancer. I don’t know too much (anything really) about the 58 Regal Lancer, but it certainly looks related to that 58 Fury made famous by Hollywood.

Too kool. More pics after the break





  1. says

    I just bought the same car at Barrett-Jackson/Scottsdale last month. (Jan. ’08) Same colors, everything. I live in Minnesota, and the car was from the collection of a guy in Wisconsin, who is now deceased.
    If you are interested, I would love to share photos, and information about where to get parts, what is correct, (as far as colors), etc.
    Mine is in great original condition, and an older restoration of about 10-20 years ago…I would guess.

  2. Todd Huntimer says

    Very cool!
    I am restoring a 1958 dodge coronet four door
    does anyone know about the paint combos?
    code is NNM but I cant tie that to anything on
    the Dodge paint for 1958
    Possibly a spring special option?
    The color of the roof and bottom is a darker metallic brown/ rose tint and the middle a light pink.

  3. Wes Campbell says

    I have a 58 Regal Lancer that my father bought in 1959 that was a factory executive car. It only has 62k and is the lighter color. Needs to be restored. Anyone help with directions

    • Steve says

      Do you still have your Regal Lancer, and if so are you restoring it? If not, still interested in selling it?

      • Wes Campbell says

        Hello, Wes here. I still have the 1958 Dodge Rgal lancer and would like to sale it. It has 69,700 miles

  4. sylvain ceci;e says

    beautiful! i have a ’58 coronet 2door from the original owner who listed everything ever done to the car. everything dated and described including the name of the place and the person who did the work! wes, if your in southern california i may be able to help point you the right way.

  5. Clark Feiser says

    I have a 1958 Regal Lancer (not as beautiful as Randy’s. I am in need of a fuel tank filler pipe seal (that is maybe not the correct MoPar terminology) If any anyone has any info as to where to get one, please let me know. Thanks

  6. says

    I own a few -58 Dodges.
    One Custom Royal Lancer Super D-500 convertible that I bought in 1987 efter the original owner passed away. It has 44.000 miles on it and was ordered with most but not all options. It had the Spring Special Trim installed at the dealership and even “Texan” Special emblems! They did not come on the car from factory but I guess the owner liked them so they have been on the car since -58 as far as I understand.
    And a second -58 Custom Royal Lancer convertible, a very late car that was painted a beautiful Spring Color, Rose Red (I don’t remember the correct namn for the color) and it has a Rose Red and black interior. It has a -59 Dodge speed warning in the speedometer and Spring Trim. I am not sure if the speed warning was installed at the factory but since it is a late -58 it could have been. I bought the car about 15 years ago and it was totally original at that point.
    We are starting on frame off restorations on the two -58 Dodge convertible’s in early January -09 and I am looking forward to doing the two cars.
    I also have a -58 Custom Royal 4dr sedan with a bunch of options, D-500 package, PW but not P-seat, P-antenna, A/C, tinted glass, Posi trac rearend. I have never seen a -58 Dodge with Power antenna before.
    A -58 Royal Lancer 4drht with a Continental Kit and a -58 Coronet 4dr sedan with the Spring Special Trim.
    I ones bought a -58 Regal Lancer D-500 car. It was complete but very rusted. I told a “friend” he could have the rusted out body if he removed all specific Regal Lancer parts so I could rebulid the car using a better body and next thing I knew he had crushed the complete car, nothing was left.

  7. Dieter Voise says

    Hallo Zusammen!
    Ich komme aus Deutschland und bin im besitz eines Dodge coronet 4 dr sedan. Würde das Fahrzeug gerne verkaufen. Wer hat Interesse oder kann mir Händler nennen, die an dem Auto interessiert sind.
    Liebe Grüße
    Dieter Voise

    • Wes Campbell says

      I need to sell my 1958 Regal lancer. It has 69,970 miles. runs fine, has rusted rockers and trunk, drive train never been out. Father bought car new and I've had it from 1972. Email me for more

    • G.Burney says

      I have a dodge Royal 58, 4 door hard top with hemi & dual carburator…………….it will need inside upholstery, but runs well. I don't know much about mechanics,but had the desire to upgrade……but short on cash………interested?
      GB@ : email: diazburney @ msn .com

  8. Roland Weller says

    Regarding the 1958 REGAL Lancer. I owned one back in the early 70’s and after I sold it, I was at a swap meet selling some extra literature. A gentleman came by and was reminicing, as he had worked for Chryser and had helped to publish the sales literature back then. I asked him about the REGAL not being in the sales catalogue and he told me this.

    The ’58 REGAl lancer was a spring edition and was a limited edition, with each dealer only getting 1! They were available in only three color combinations: Red & White, Black & White, or Bronze and White two tones. (Mine being bronze) They had special chrome eyebrows, dual side chrome and dual rear mounted antennas. Other than that they were pretty much a custom royal trim.

  9. G Burney says

    I have a 58 dodge royal, hemi engine, dual carbrator,points and condenser…… it possible to upgrade this car ………..change carburator to current kind or convert to fuel injection system, so that I don't have to use old point and condensors etc I wish to make this car free way/ high way friendly. Engine and traansmission seems to be good…………will appreciate if some one can guide me……
    G Burney



  11. Les says

    I Have a 1958 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer D500 2 door ht spring edition
    Bdy 362 trim 275 pnt 1xxx which would be all white. Would the factory
    Do that on a two tone color? What is 362 and 275?

  12. bob boyd says

    i am 76 years old an owner of a 58 dodge regal lancer copper and black. i first owned one in 1961-65 while stationed at castle air force base merced california. it was cream and copper. no teeth but i added another pulley on the crankshaft for an air conditinor . sold the car to another airman. just wondered if it survied. does anyone know how many of the regals there might be ? bob

  13. Tom maher says

    I have two,just like new ,fin inserts,I guess, for a 58 dodge custom royal..I would like to know what this part is called and how much is it worth? Tom

  14. Tom maher says

    I now know what these parts are. They are 1958 dodge custom royal under fin mouldings..very rare..I still don't know how much to ask for them but looking at what they want for the 59 under fin mouldings,that was on every dodge made that year,these are very,very rare and a lot more valuable…just looking to find out the value of these items…

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