Forsberg drifts at over 100 mph!


Since drifting has appeared on the scene, there has been a bit of a battle going on between old school racer types and the new kids on the block. The old guys say that “drifting ain’t racing”. Funny thing is that the “kids” say the same thing. Drifting is more than racing, it is a display of skill, timing and car preparation. It is an art.

One thing both sides agree on is the reality that drifting isn’t fast. Any time a car is moving sideways, speed is being scrubbed off, not perpetuated. Also, to keep a car sideways for a long arc requires a level of control that just isn’t easy to maintain at really elevated speeds. Unless of course you are Chris Forsberg and the folks at Hoonigan are pointing cameras at you.

In this video, Forsberg accelerates his Nissan 240 to a whopping 102 MPH before getting sideways. Missile Drift indeed!


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