Forget the Nano, Hyundai Canada is bringin’ on the cheap with the $9,995 Accent!


While Indian automaker Tata has made huge waves world wide with their $2,500 Nano, the story really doesn’t have too much teeth here in North America where we will never see the car. Hyundai on the other hand is making some serious moves to move cars on this continent. When was the last time anyone sold a new car for less than 10 grand in Canada?

Not long ago, Hyundai launched an anniversary edition in Quebec only that was selling for just $9,995! Of course the response was so incredible that the offer has been expanded to the rest of the country. With all the stories of consumers heading south of the border to buy cheaper priced new cars, Hyundai has taken the bull by the horns and solved that issue. At $9,995, the Accent is now cheaper in Canada than it is in the USA. Ok, so it is only 5 bucks, but it’s still cheaper!

Let’s remember that most really cheap cars sold here have been short lived, rusty 3rd world machines along the lines of, well, the Nano. Hyundai’s accent has matured into a quality piece that has little problem holding it’s own with the likes of Civic and Corolla, for a fraction of the cost. Friends of The Garage recently bought a 2007 Accent to replace their high mileage 97. The 97 is still on the road, but was getting on in age and it was just time.

How has all of this panned out for Hyundai? In Quebec, consumer traffic through the showroom has increased by a whopping 60%! To further celebrate 25 years of selling cars in Canada, Hyundai has dropped the prices on 4 of their models:

1. Savings of $3,600 on the Accent, now starting at $9,995 (savings
apply to both hatchback and sedan models)
2. Savings of $5,150 on the Sonata, now starting at $18,995
3. Savings of $3,000 on the Tiburon, now starting at $15,995
4. Savings of $4,200 on the Tucson L, now starting at $16,995

It looks like 2008 will be a banner year for the folks at Hyundai Canada!


  1. marshall kimber says

    i’m going to buy a new accent. my 97 is still going strong and i don’t want to get rid of it! but the new 08 is now less than what my 11 year old cost back then. what a deal! the are great cars. by the way…go to marinos to get yours..they are the best dealer in the gta.

  2. Marshall J Kimber says

    And there I was thinking my combination of names would be unique, and I come across somebody who’s name we share.

    If you should read this Marshall, feel free to drop me a line.
    My ancestry hails from Berkshire in England and my grandfather came out to Australia in the late 1880’s.


    Marshall Kimber.

  3. lloyd eyjolfson says

    i bought a 2007 santafe for my wife.the tires only went40000 km. on hyway driving and were wore out.we had a2002 santafe with 120000 km. tires were still good?

  4. says

    we put 250,000 kms on our 99 Accent, but decided to upgrade to a new 2007 Accent for the Ac etc…
    now friends are driving the old car we gave it too them =-)

  5. Dave Matthews says

    I have heard you may be opening a dealership here in Courtenay – mid Vancouver Island – one of the fastest growing communities in Canada – – as of now the closest dealers are an hours drive north or south – – (all of the big box stores have been here for several years now) – – if you are interested in making a commercial or running an ad I own a 1992 Sonata with 308,000 km – everything works on it and it gets me around very reliably !!

  6. says

    We are driving our 4 Hyundai product. We have had a 1990 Excel , 2002 Elantra G.T. , 2006 Elantra V.E. , and we just recently purchased a 2009 Tucson 25 anniversary edition and planned to buy a new one in 2011 because we like them and we trust them.

  7. Jose Kagaoan says

    “While Indian automaker Tata has made huge waves world wide with their $2,500 Nano, the story really doesn’t have too much teeth here in North America where we will never see the car.” – Have I got news for you…. The Nano will be sold in the US of A by 2011. On a related note, expect to see made-in-India Mahindra diesel-powered trucks in late 2009.

  8. Arban says

    I for one, would never buy any car that is made by Korean manufacturer. Made mistake twice and had so much trouble with accent. There were noise coming from all over the car and dealership was unable to find out from where it was coming. It had strange issues.

    So no more Hyundai for me, ever.

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