F5000 at Harewood Acres in 1970

As the winter clean ups continue, more great vintage images are creeping out of the woodwork.

Todays shots were sent to The Garage by Mini racer Kent Smith via Robert Barg. The cars are Formula 5000 and the track is Harewood Acres, which has played a role in many of the other stories we’ve had recently. The year is 1970 and is believed that the photos were taken on May 10, one of only two times the National Racing Championship appeared at Harewood in 1970.

The shot above is obviously Eppie Wietzes in the McLaren Mk 10b. Bill Brack is in the Lotus 70 and Horst Kroll is with the Lola T142.

I know we have more coming over the coming days folks, so keep coming back!

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  1. Leighton Irwin says

    No slicks in those days. All treaded tires. Also note mostly long hair and long sideburns.
    Most of the field were actually FB cars, although all the pictures are FA (or F5000).

  2. Robert Barg says

    Leighton, might those be rains or intermediates? I recall the Firestone slicks of the day we had on our camaro had small grooves that were called “sypes” I believe.

    You were probably there that day? I wasn’t entered in the camaro but am sure I was there. Note the jackets so it must have been a cold day.

  3. Leighton Irwin says

    Just looked at your comment Robert. Yes I was there with Bruce, Jensen Brabham BT21 Vegantune TC.
    Those were drys. It was either late 70 or more likely 71 before we had the almost slicks with the sipes. By 72 I think slicks were available by Goodyear but I think Firestone still did not have true slicks in FB sizes. Too long ago to be sure!!!!!

  4. David Neyens says

    Hello, does anyone know Canadian racer Bruce Jensen? I was hoping to get to talk to him regarding the Brabham BT21 he bought in Sept 1969.


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