Exhaust noise: The week’s news in review


What could be better on a Sunday morning than a hot cup of coffee & following up the CoW with Exhaust Notes, Jeff’s Bressler’s weekly podcast here in The Garage? I suppose heading to the track might be better. Or getting a bit of…well, scratch that. This is a family place! Still, we’ve got some pretty good stuff here this morning, so get ready to take a ride!

This week, Jeff tells the tale of the Japanese automaker that pushed the blue oval out of the #2 spot in North America. Who woulda thought that 20 years ago? As we approach the NAIAS it’s beginning to look like there is going to be a lot of green in Detroit this winter with news from several automakers. Jeff even has the goods on how Chrysler plans to take over the world. Narf.

Earlier this week, a commenter took exception to my reaction to the parenting skills of an errant pre teen. In this week’s commentary, Jeff tells a most incredible tale about the meanest Mom in history. This woman deserves a medal!

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