ebay find of the day: James Garner’s Olds 442 Baja racer

While they loved road racing every bit as much as PLN, guys like Steve McQueen and James Garner also liked to get their kicks in the dirt. McQueen was as quick on 2 wheels as he was on 4. Garner liked to do it in the dirt too, and in ’69 partnered with Oldsmobile and Goodyear to create the Goodyear Grabber Olds 442 Baja racer. Originally built for the 1969 NORRA Mexican 1000, Garner raced the car for the next 2 years before selling it. The next owner crashed it and the 442 lay dormant for the next 30 years.

When fabrication ace Vic Hickey got his hands on the car, he brought it back to life and it was raced by off road legend Rod Hall at the 2010 XO 250 in Reno. Now, the freshly restored icon is up for grabs on ebay.

Head past the jump to see a gallery the restored car and a couple of videos of the machine in action, including in car with Rod Hall, before you go register your bid on one of the coolest desert racers of all time.

News source: ebay and youtube


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    Wow! What a great looking car. I love the simplicity of the paint jobs on the old racers. This one is masculine and no nonsense…kind like James Garner himself! Good to see this baby is back on the trails.

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