Dodge tries to steal market share

Which police cruiser is the most likely to pull you over?

A. Dodge Charger


B. Ford Crown Victoria


C. Chevrolet Impala


If you chose B. the Ford Crown Vic you win a “get out of jail card.” If you chose the Impala or Charger, go directly to jail.

The cards though appear to be shuffling a bit. The sporty looking Dodge Challenger is putting the Crown Victoria directly in its line of fire. No shots have really been discharged just yet; the Crown Victoria is still the most popular selling police vehicle. But with yearly sales of police vehicles exceeding 75,000 units, Chrysler is trying its hardest to steal business away from Ford and GM.

The Michigan State Police who test police vehicles annually, and whose results other departments around the country follow closely, rated the 2008 Charger with its 5.7 liter, HEMI V-8 tops in most performance categories that they tested. To get a beat on felonious flyers, the Michigan tests showed category leading Charger top speed of 148 MPH, 0-60 MPH in 6.4 seconds, and 0 – 100 MPH in 15.2 seconds.


  1. says

    I think that the OPP up in CDN also use the Crown Vic. They did some tests with the Intrepid I think but it was not up to the job.

    Off topic but a cool thing is that they are going back to the Black and White like the old days. It seems to have the right feel for a cop car.

  2. peterbilt says

    well police departments all over the contry would use the dodge charger more but the ford crown vic has more interior room and is the most powerful sedan for a car that spacios and i have riden in the dodge charger before and its not very comfy especialy in the back seat plus the ford crwon vis have more trunk room so they can haqve more guns and equipment and actualy the ford crown vic can go as fast as 145 m.p.h. i know that from experionce.

  3. dave says

    I call shenanigins on Peterbilt. No stock crown vic has ever gone 145. the testing by the MSP is here:,1607,7-123–16274–,00.html

    Top speed with the crown vic is 128 (with the 3.27 gears), or 120 with the 3.55 gears. I own a PI crown vic, and even though I love that car I can testify that it can’t get out of its own way. The main reason that departments are still sticking with the crown vic is because of the cost and wide availability of police equipment integration that is less available for the charger and the impala.

  4. Black Panther says

    Actually, I call shenanigans on Dave…
    I personally own a retired 1999 P71 Crown Victoria. When I removed the speed governor, it made it all the way to 153mph (it took four miles), but it made it, rattling and shaking like a bat out of hell. The thing is, there is no police chase in history, outside of Hollywood, where officers need to go more than 135mph, so the Charger doesn’t offer that much of an advantage.

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