Detroit’s Packard Plant Set for Demolition

In a post from Autoblog today, plans were announced to raze the massive 3.5 million square foot Packard plant in Detroit, Michigan. A car has not rolled off the assembly line since 1958, but this leviathan automotive complex has stood for decades, idle and crumbling. The Packard plant was built in 1903, and covers two entire city blocks. To add to the mystique of the Packard complex, there is an underground tunnel system.

Packard was once one of the premier American automotive makers. When I get the chance I always take a moment to admire my uncle’s 1948 Packard two door hard top. Due to poor management, Packard was never able to get is footing in Post World War II America, and slipped into the history books. Apart from my love of cars, I am a fan of photography and urban decay, and as such I am thrilled to offer a link to for a gorgeous display of the Packard plant in its current state, before it is finally demolished.

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