Cruising Hawaii: Crusty panel


It would be hard to imagine Von Minden heading anywhere without hunting for his next project. This little getaway of his to Hawaii has netted some great images and I’ll bet that this crusty old panel truck isn’t the only potential project he’s been scoping out.

Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this has been dragged back to San Francisco to be turned into a wheel stander or something.

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    I am always amazed how many don’t remember these types of old vans. They were called panels back in their day and for the most part they were a working mans vehicle filled with tools and supplies. The ones that had seats and also had windows in the side in place of the panels (hence the name panel) where called crummies many of which where used my logging teams to transport loggers and equipment into the woods. They were very often used for delivery trucks, plumbers and bakerys.

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