Cool new tech from The General

Those who were around when General Motors began using their very first generation Heads Up Display will recall that many people called it the way of the future. Fighter jet technology being used to make driving safer. The reality was that it wasn’t as good as many hoped it would be and many drivers hated the system. I recall driving a Caddy of some sort that had it and I thought it was rather useless.

Fast forward 25 years or so and GM is still working on visual technology. Now however, the tech has grown in leaps and bounds and looks seriously cool. Engineers are working on an augmented reality windshield that uses a series of cameras to highlight road signs, the edge of the road and even animals. The system even has the ability to display GPS details in the driver’s line of sight. I’m a bit skeptical about the use of external cameras as the ones I’ve seen used for lane departure type systems seem to be baffled by snow and rain drops. If they can find a way to make the cameras work in bad weather, this might indeed revolutionize driver safety in poor visibility.

GM Video after the break via Mashable

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