Connecticut: What a weird place

While I’ve only been here a day, Connecticut is weird. Firstly, it has to be the whitest place in the world. That in itself is odd, when you consider how ethnically diverse the place is. It’s hard to describe the vibe here. The closest thing I can compare it to is that it feels like a bad Seinfeld episode.

This morning at breakfast, there was the couple in their late Forties. She was dressed straight out of the Preppy Handbook. That said, so was he, right down to the button down, blue blazer and grey flannels. At breakfast. There was no question as she bitched her way through breakfast that she wore the pants in the family, until he finally exploded with “how many times are you going to tell me that. I don’t care!” Then, at his wife’s bidding, he began to berate the front desk clerk about the fact that they had to pay for breakfast.

Then of course, there was the 40 something east coast dyke in one of those Polo golf dresses. You know the ones, it looks like Ralph Lauren lengthened the golf shirt into a dress. If I remember the Preppy Handbook correctly, women are supposed to stop wearing that dress when they are about 14.

At dinner tonight, I had the pleasure of sharing the bar with a couple of preppy ladies who I think were sisters. Either that or lovers, I couldn’t quite tell. They were locals who had lived in there area all their lives. The one delightful lady told the bartender that she had been eating at a certain local pizza place since she was 6. Then she went on to tell us all how the place was celebrating it’s 40th anniversary. After the ladies left, the bartender almost choked when I commented that she might have been 20 when it opened!

And then there is the traffic, or that’s what they call it here. On the radio they were complaining that the traffic the whole way down I-90 was horrible. Well, I suppose. It was moving at about 40 mph and was heavy. Want to see traffic? Come to Ontario where we have as many as 9 lanes wide, each way, that can be stopped for MILES. You people have absolutely no idea what a traffic jam is.

Tomorrow morning, I’m already heading back to Ontario. Still without a map, I’m looking forward to setting a new record home. This will be no Team Polizei style record however. I’ll be happy if I shave 20 minutes off the 9 hour drive.

Maps? We don’t need no stinkin’ maps!


  1. says

    Well first off let me say welcome to New England, also known as my home. Yes, I live here in New england, more importantly up one state in good old Massachusetts.

    Second, the people around here are not all that bad, that must have been some breakfast with listening to her go off on every little thing. I have had to sit through a couple of those while having lunch or Dinner and its not fun.

    But what did you think of New England, mainly Massachusetts and Connecticut, the country areas around here are breath taking and some of the views of the water has its advantages. However you found one disadvantage (all though its just about everywhere), the traffic, the Mass Pike and I-395 are two reall hot spots and that would like 84 as well. Traffic is always a pain and top it off with the tolls in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, you end up spending over $5.00 coming from the north.

    Well hopefully you enjoyed the rest of you trip and got pictures…Enjoy the sights and most sounds of New England.

  2. says

    It’s been years since I’ve been in this area and I loved it both times. Unfortunately, this was a blast in, blast out visit. I was hoping to drive the 15 or so miles to the ocean on Friday night, but the rain was so bad I decided to head for dinner close by.

    The weather was dreary on the way down and the same for the most part Saturday on the way home with the exception of 1 brief hour. As I was heading home through the Berkshires, the sun broke through and lit up the forests like jewels. It was very pretty!

  3. says

    Hi PNE…

    That particular trip was to the odd little place called Wallingford. I still have no problem saying it was a little weird. If you look around The Garage, you will notice that we have one writer who lives in Ct. and I have spent more time there since. Even in the countryside around Lime Rock things were a bit different. I have never before received a pair of scissors with my onion soup!

    As for the homophobe comment, I almost shot my coffee through my nose when I read that! You have stumbled upon one of the least judgmental auto blogs around. My own personal family and circle of friends is well endowed with gay couples, both male and female. One of our contributors is also the publisher of

    My comments were purely intended as descriptive humor.

  4. Proud New Englander says

    I was Googling some information on Connecticut [my state], and your blog entry from October 19th 2007- “Connecticut: What a weird place” was on the list.

    Sounds like you judged all of Connecticut in a 1 or 2 day trip. Clearly you weren’t in Hartford, or New Haven, or many other towns; as there is a great deal of diversity in CT. It isn’t all “40 something east coast dykes” or women who wear the pants in the family. There are also chauvinistic, homophobic men. Just sayin’. I won’t judge your country by one person’s blog entry.

    A 40-something dyke who is proud to live in Connecticut and New England

  5. ConnecticutResident says

    I cannot help but laugh when I read this. I know it's really old, but I just couldn't contain my comment. You have it so seriously wrong…I'm honestly dying of laughter. Let me start by saying, it sounds to me that you have been visiting one of our "Notorious" prep areas. Greenwich? Westport? Maybe Darien? Norwich? Any of those the area you visited? Or even the same county? Because I can personally assure you Connecticut isn't like that. We welcome you to visit one of our actual cities, New Haven, Hartford, maybe Bridgeport? You'll see that we aren't as preppy as you think. In reality Connecticut is actually one of the most stereotyped states. Every ignorant tourist always assumes we are so "Rich" I have read so many articles just like this one. As for the traffic thing, here in Connecticut, we get all the lost idiots trying to find New York. Not to mention- Actually, you know what? Never mind. Maybe the fact that I have lived here my entire life, means I know nothing. You obviously know it better than I. Thank you for telling me everything I didn't know.

  6. Harry says

    CT is weird! I moved here approximately 5 "tears" ago. And although I was born here, I grew up on the west coast where life is much. much different and people are (for the most part) not as preoccupied with marching to the same drummer in fashion, mannerisms, and snobbishness. Even the too-poor-to-be-snobby folk here are strange. The place exists in a time warp. Where else do you see people taking right turns by swerving ten feet to the left before going right! There are two extremes her: absolute oblivious idiots; and elitist wealth managers with egos having more power than the wheels that transport them into "the city."

  7. CT Guy says

    I live in Connecticut, if you want to see preppy white kids, go to Greenwich or Westport, or maybe New Cannan. i live near New Milford and I can tell you that Connecticut probably has the best pizza in the world. There are alot of working class people in my town, and it is not weird to wear camo. Also the last thing I will say is that, most Connecticut towns are either all white kids, like Wilton,Ridgefield, and New Cannan, or all black kids like West Haven, Milford, or Bridgeport.

  8. A CT Resident says

    I don’t know where you were, but it doesn’t sound like Connecticut! First of all, there isn’t an I-90 in Connecticut-get your facts straight. The “whitest” place in the world? As of 2010, 77.6% of the population was White, 10.1% Black, 3.8% Asian, 0.3% Native, 5.6 % “Other” and and 2.6% two or more races”. Ontario comes in at 71.7% white. But while Ontario has a population of 12,851,821, and Connecticut has a population of only 3,596,677, there are far more white people in Ontario. Connecticut’s LGBT population is approximately 3.4%, while Ontario’s LGBT population is estimated at 10.25%- although I couldn’t find statistics on the amount of “east coast dykes” that live in Ontario, I find it odd that you felt the need to point out someone whose lifestyle is so much better represented in the population of Ontario.
    I have to wonder-are you 12 or something? Your comments about the state are in line with someone with the immaturity found in children of that age.
    Or perhaps the bar is lower in Ontario,

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