Cody Coyote replica on ebay

It has been a while since I’ve visited Shannan Larratt at Price Of His Toys to check out the coolness that exists in the world of kit cars. I’m so glad I headed over today, or I wouldn’t have seen this incredible replica.

Way back in the 80’s I loved the Hardcastle & McCormick show. Not because the show was anything special, but because the real star of the show was a Manta Montage that had been tricked out and renamed the Cody Coyote. This replica was professionally built and is powered by a 3.3 GM V6. At only 1900 pounds, it likely flies.

The auction ends tomorrow, so if you are interested in ponying up 60 grand you can grab yourself an interesting bit of history (well, it looks like history anyway) that should actually be reliable on the road. You definitely won’t see another one passing you on the street.


  1. says

    You weren’t the only fan of that show. Check out our website. Several of us recently traveled to Hollywood for the dedication of Brian Keith’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We also attended a cast reunion and yes, a tour of Gulls Way. It was awesome!

  2. says

    I have an 80’s Manta Montage Stage III with a 3.1 liter intercooled turbo motor in her. The transmission is a manually shifted automatic valve body four speed with OD.
    (((NOT FOR SALE)))

    She will do 100 MPH in second gear. The times of 0-60 MPH is 4 seconds. She does not spin her tires except from first to second with maybe a little chirp.

    The car is just crazy to drive so that is why I am selling my 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT, 350 V8, four speed stick injected TPI car.

    There is absolutely no competition between the Fiero and the Manta McLaren, the Manta just blows the Pontiac away, pink slips style!

  3. MH says

    The Coyote has an “American Ferrari” feeling and still looks cool by today standards (despite the 80ish doorhandles and muscle-car taillights). Of course, I mean the original Coyote. The Delorean-based one looks like a kart.

  4. frank says

    ist dein auto immer noch zu verkaufen ?? wir kommen aus dannemark.. ich møchte gerne den kaufen $ 5.655. ist es diessen preis den du dein auto verkaufen will oder vilst du mere haben fyr dein auto .. wir kønnen nur deutsch schreiben . viele liebe grysse von frank holm aus dannemark

    Thanks to google translate:
    is your car still for sale? we come from Dannemark .. I want to buy like $ 5,655. Diessen is the price you want to sell your car or you vilst mere fyr have your car .. we can only write German. many dear grysse by frank holm from Dannemark

  5. gabriele barbaraci says

    i’m intrested to buy this car, if you don’t have problem i have to buy one year from now, could you wait for me?

  6. Roger orman says

    hello i was wondering if the car is for sale??
    if it isent do you know whare i can get one of the kitts to build my own??
    roger orman..

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