Chrysler Debuts All-New 300

Chrysler’s flagship sedan, the 300, is finally getting a long over-due makeover. The last 300 debuted as a 2005 model, and wowed buyers and critics alike.  For over two decades, American auto manufacturers had been trying to emulate their Asian and European competition-with typically less than stellar results. But Chrysler all of a sudden remembered what American car companies were renowned for building-a big, rear wheel drive sedan with presence and swagger. And they gave us the 2005 Chrysler 300. It was all that and more. Gangster looks, a Bentley-esque grill, and available Hemi power. It was old school American iron in modern packaging.  And it was a hit.

Sadly, as is often the case with Chrysler, it was a brilliant idea, but with little money to develop and improve the 300, the car fell off the radar of buyers. Finally, Chrysler is introducing an all-new 300. Is it enough to keep the flame that burned so bright back in ’05? Hit continue to see what the new 300 offers.

With the new 2011 300, Chrysler is attempting to address past sins of the outgoing car. Modern features like LED exterior lights are standard across the line. A major shortcoming of the past 300 was the interior. We are promised significant improvements in this area, with soft-touch plastics, and higher grade materials befitting Chrysler’s flagship sedan. Features such as heated/cooled seats, and real wood trim will be available.

The new 300 will be  arriving at showrooms this spring, in four trim levels. You have a choice of two engines-an all-new 3.6L V-6 producing 292hp for the base 300 and 300 Limited, or a 5.7L HEMI V-8 packing 363hp for the 300C and 300C AWD. All 300’s are paired with a five-speed automatic. Pricing and model breakdown follow below:

300:  $27,995. 17″ alloys, cloth seats

300 Limited: $31,995 Adds leather, heated seats, 18″ alloys, Uconnect voice command, premium audio

300C: $38,995 Yeah, she’s got a HEMI. As well as a heated steering wheel, power adjustable pedals and a host of luxury features.

300C AWD: $41,145 Adds all-wheel drive and 19″ alloys.

Chrysler wowed buyers in 2005 with the classic, time-tested recipe for the ultimate American sedan. Time will tell if the car buying public is willing to bite again in 2011. Chrysler is in desperate need of a hit car to pique interest in the brand again, and as the company’s flagship. no mistakes are allowed.

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