Cayman Interseries visits Road Atlanta

Showroom stock type racing series have long provided some of the best racing action, even more when it is a single marque series. Equally matched cars with tons of safety built in is almost guaranteed to turn into hard core racing action. When the marque is Porsche, you know things are going to get serious!

The folks at Historic Sportscar Racing have recently launched the Cayman Interseries, a showroom stock series for the Porsche Cayman S. A modern spec series may not sound like it fits the bill for an organization like HSR, but in this case there is a twist. Drawing upon Porsche’s long history of iconic race cars, each car in the series wears the livery of a Porsche from the past.

There is a Rothmans car, a Gulf car and even the Pink Pig! Not only do the color schemes work perfectly with the unmistakable Porsche shape of the Cayman, but they are augmented by that wicked flat 6 growl that Porsche fanatics around the world have come to love.

The following video from JF Musial explains how the series came to be and shows off the beauty of Porsches racing at Road Atlanta..

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