BMW M3 driver attacks Lebanese hill climb

orange m3

There are those who think they can drive, those who can drive and then there are those who are fast. You could say that Garo Haroutiounian falls into the latter category.

Watch in awe as this dude tears up the Falougha hill climb in Lebanon.

Source: YouTube via Jalopnik

Red Bull Global Rallycross Hits Home

… The home of the Islanders, that is. Red Bull Global Rallycross set up camp at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum on the weekend of July 19-20. Just outside of New York City outerborough borders, the overcast Sunday finals saw some exciting racing as well as some shocking disappointments for quite a few drivers. The New York course was very similar to last year’s Championship in Las Vegas with the Joker Lap on the turn just after the table jump, but a bit tricky for the drivers that had driven the Vegas course as it was a bit wider.

Red Bull Global Rallycross in New York

Aussie Sarah Burgess debuted over the weekend in a Chevy Sonic, but some mechanical issues ultimately kept her from racing on Sunday. Hyundai’s Emma Gilmour didn’t make the finals via the Last Chance Qualifier, though team mate Rhys Millen raced in the final. After the United States National Anthem was sung by Ken Block’s trainer Kit Cope, the Supercars were ready to go.

Red Bull Global Rallycross in New York

Before the first lap was even half finished, a group of cars got banged around before the table jump and Olsbergs MSE’s Patrik Sandell in a Ford Fiesta got the worst of it. The red flag came out, and all drivers went back to the pits. Sandell had too much damage to continue. [Read more...]

Tom Cruise the racer


Before we started hearing about all of the crazy religious stuff, Tom Cruise seemed like a pretty much normal guy. Except for the whole good looks, fame and getting up close and personal with Rebecca de Mornay on a train thing, but you see my point. He even took some interest in racing cars, before Days of Thunder.

To his credit, Cruise took a pretty smart route to racing, beginning in showroom stock (the American Firehawk series if memory serves correctly) before moving to SCCA GT-3 with a Nissan prepared by Bob Sharp. You might recognize the cars, as this was Paul Newman’s team.

I just came across this video from way back in 1988, as Cruise was racing at Summit Point. It isn’t great quality, but it is worth a watch for all of you celebrity gawkers.

Toyo Tires F1600 Championship brings the excitement to Toronto Indy

fly f1600

There is a reason that F1600 has long been considered a key element in any serious open wheel racer’s education. The competition is fierce, which means there is tons of on track excitement for the fans.

F1600 participation has been somewhat lagging in Canada in recent years, until Jason Sharpe took over the series and injected an unprecedented level of energy. Sharpe’s efforts have been rewarded as the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship rolled into the Honda Indy Toronto with an impressive field of 28 entries. The series hasn’t seen a field of this size in years and the drivers put on an incredible show all weekend.

Check out some of the high flying (pun intended) action in this great video from 2 in TO.

This 13 year old is a better driver than you will ever be!


Many have wondered over the year just why Finland has created so many of the world’s greatest rally (and F1 for that matter) drivers. Given the rural nature of much of the country, many young kids start driving on the family farm well before they get a driver’s license. Then of course there are those who have rally car drivers as parents.

Take 13 year old Kalle Rovanperä as a prime example. The son of WRC veteran Harri Rovanperä, Kalle has been driving rally cars since he was 8 years old and has chronicled his adventures on YouTube. The latest addition to his channel shows Kalle taking his Mom for a leisurely drive through the forest. She is very relaxed. Or not.

Going further back to when he was just 8, check out they boy’s skills at the wheel of a rear wheel drive Toyota Starlet.

Climb Pike’s Peak with Jeff Zwart


At this year’s Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, legendary Porsche photographer, videographer and racer, Jeff Zwart struggled with a failing fuel pump, which prevented his GT3 from pushing to its full potential.

As part of the lead up to next week’s new season, our friends at /DRIVE have posted a helmet cam video to provide Zwart’s POV during the attempt. Up past Devil’s Playground, the fuel pump problem got worse, which makes the video kinda hard to watch as Zwart’s head jerks back and forth.

Keen eyed viewers may notice a big, green blob on Zwart’s left at the 8:37 mark. That is your’s truly, getting the photo you see above.

How to go ChumpCar racing without getting dirty


For many people involved in crap can style racing such as ChumpCar or Le Mons, a big part of the draw is putting together a race car on the cheap, by yourself or more likely with some buddies. For many others though, there are obstacles such as time (you gotta work to pay for racing), family commitments, lack of garage space or even lack of mechanical skills.

For those guys, there are shops like DriveTeq, who will prepare a race car, bring it to the track and make sure you are ready to take the green flag.

Our buddies at Wheels on Edge caught up with DriveTeq at Calabogie Motorsports Park for the recent ChumpCar race, where they had prepared a sweet looking first gen VW Rabbit for a client. Check it out.

Paul Tracy gives Toronto Mayor Rob Ford the ride of his life at 2 in TO

Rob Ford & Paul Tracy. John R Walker photo.

Rob Ford & Paul Tracy. John R Walker photo.

Last Friday night on social media, Canadian Indycar vet Paul Tracy said: “Giving mayor rob ford a thrill ride tomorrow , think I can make him squeal?”

During Saturday morning’s photo meeting, I kept waiting to hear details about the media stunt but for whatever reason, it wasn’t mentioned, so I kept quiet. I chased down someone in the know and learned that it was due to happen while I was shooting the GT3 Cup podium, so I enlisted the help of fellow contributor to The Garage, John Walker to see if he could make it over. I’m glad I did, because it turns out that Walker was the ONLY shooter on hand for ROFO’s thrill ride with the thrill from West Hill.

Walker tells me that when they got out of the Civic SI, Toronto’s most infamous crack addict said “that was one of the best rides I have ever been on, call me if you need anything” to which PT replied “anything???”

Photo courtesy of John Walker

Another podium for Hargrove in drama filled race


So many things to write about from the 2 in TO event this weekend, but for now I am going to finish up my day with another post about Scott Hargrove and the Open Road Racing #69.

As was set in qualifying, the front row of today’s race consisted of Hargrove and rival Chris Green in the Pfaff Porsche/Castrol liveried machine. It wasn’t even a single lap before a full course caution came out for the car of Marco Cirone. I’m still not sure what happened to Marco. After what seemed like a dozen laps (although I’m sure it was only five or six), the green flag dropped.

I had moved from turn ten, over to five and wasn’t surprised to see Hargrove appear at the front of the field as he rounded four. I was however surprised to see that Green was missing from the field, until many seconds after the pack went by. I suspected this was not going to be good for the Open Road entry. I was correct.

At the exit of the first turn, the two young guns tried to occupy the same bit of track, and both knew the other was not going to lift. Green lost the battle of wills and got stuffed, which resulted in a stop and go penalty for Hargrove, handing the lead to third place Spencer Pigot.
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World Challenge action at 2 in TO


It has been a long day, so I’m not going to race report this other than to say that Nick Tandy won in the simply wicked looking new Porsche 911 RSR GT. Awesome machine. I’m not sure whether to be impressed that the Effort Racing machines are sponsored by GOD or dismayed. Let’s face it, you need money to race, so it might as well come from reporters of a fictitious supreme being, right?
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