When fame is too much: Schumi stays away from Shumi III’s first race


I recently read a biography of Michael Schumacher and while it did little to change my opinion of him as a sportsman, one thing became very clear. Michael values his family above everything and does everything possible to try and give his kids a normal upbringing. Sometimes unfortunately things go a bit too far in the quest for normalcy.

Schumacher’s 9 year old son competed in his first kart race last weekend. Unfortunately, the boy’s father chose not to attend in order to keep the spotlight away from the young lad. He was entered as Mick Betsch, using Mom’s maiden name and was accompanied by Grandpa Rolf. I too have a 9 year old boy who will be driving in his first race soon. While he would be happy to have Grandpa there to watch, he would be devastated if dear old Dad didn’t come to see his first race.

So much for normal.

Image from AS.com, fully story at F1 Live

2008 Canadian Karting Expo tomorrow


It has been a long hard winter here in Ontario, but it looks like the snow cover is finally beginning to recede somewhat and most racers are thinking about that first race weekend. One of the best ways to get the juices flowing is to visit with some old friends and make new ones at a local swap meet. Tomorrow marks the first annual Canadian Karting Expo at the Pickering Markets in Toronto’s east end. Whether you are an old pro looking to hook up with friends, or are racing for the first time in 08, this event should be just the thing to get your blood pumping on a cold but sunny Easter weekend.

For all the details, visit Mosport International Karting

Mosport International Karting getting ready for spring


Karting. To the uninformed it is kid stuff. Those in the know, know that kart racing is serious stuff. In many cases, just as serious as the top levels of motor racing. There is good news though: karting is accessible for everyone. From 8 years old until you can’t do it anymore, karting can be an affordable way to prove your skill as a driver. Here in Ontario, there are a few drivers in their Seventies still competing!

The most accessible and affordable way to go racing has to be an arrive and drive type of series, where drivers just show up and drive the supplied school karts. Make no mistake though, these are no wimpy indoor karts, rather they are real racing machines. Here in Ontario, the perhaps the best place is in the outfield of the legendary Mosport track at Mosport International Karting. Not only does MIK boast the best track facilities in Ontario, but the support staff include some of the best kart racers & tuners that Ontario karting has ever produced. The team is equipped to nurture that competitive urge and help guide budding drivers, old & young to whatever level they hope to attain.

Last weekend, Ken Flute & Petri Ranta took to a local mall to offer local kids a more exciting alternative to summer camp than the more traditional paddles, kicks and math camp. For less than the cost of a nice dinner, one can spend a day at the track racing! It really is that affordable. What’s even better is the whole family can get involved and stay involved.

If you really do feel the need to go fast, why not take it to the track and visit an arrive and drive track like MIK?

Why use a driving coach?


You wouldn’t coach your kid gymnastics, unless you actually were a gymnast would you? I didn’t think so. Well, while I may have driven performance rally, I’ve never squeezed my behind into a kart so why would I try to teach my kid how to drive. Besides, sometimes there are benefits that come from another person talking to your kid. Let’s face it, a 13 year old girl really doesn’t want to hear what the old man has to say anyway.
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The Garage is finally on track – and setting the pace


Last night, we finally got out to the track with both kids. Our 8 year old, Duncan was out for his second time practicing, and 13 year old Shelby was out for the first time this season. We’ve decided that both of them should run in the Canadian Rookie Karting Championship at Mosport International Karting. This is an arrive and drive series, that is fully sanctioned by ASN Canada. Essentially the thought here is to remove Dad’s bungling from the equation and see what our young drivers have going for them. From last night’s results, it looks like it’s going to be an interesting summer!
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G-Force Helmet for The Dude


As other activities wind down for the season, we are about to begin our kart racing season. For our newest racer, affectionately known as The Dude, that means some new safety equipment of his own was in order.
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The Dude Hits the Track For the First Time


The middle kid in The Garage, affectionately known as The Dude, took his first run at karting this afternoon. The boys and I spent the day at the Mosport Karting Academy track, watching some of the new trainees for the Canadian Rookie Karting Series. Following these sessions, it was time for The Dude to head out in one of the school karts.
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Breaking News: Petri Ranta Joins the Mosport Karting Facility


We’ve got some big news here in The Garage. Occasional contributer and part of The Garage family, Petri Ranta has joined the Cameron Motorsports team as Operations Manager at Mosport. Petri will be joining Wrex Roth, who will continue on as the guru of all things technical.

Petri brings close to 30 years of karting experience as a driver, tuner and data acquisition specialist, not to mention 3 Canadian national karting championship wins.
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Canadian Karting News.com 200


Canadian racing enthusiasts will all recognize Russ Bond. This guy has been a fixture in the motorsports scene here in Ontario for years. You might have seen him on TV, in all sorts of print sources, on the radio or online at one of his motorsports sites. Russ has even spent his fair share of time behind the wheel of a mini stock car.

Russ has decided to put together a pre spring enduro event for all the local racers to blow out the cobwebs. The first Canadian Karting News.com 200 aims to pit 40 teams of 4 against each other at the new Grand Prix Kartways in Downsview.

This event looks so fun that The Garage may just have to put together a team. We might be able to put together a few ringers to offset the power to weight problems that yours truly creates.

Read the full details from Russ after the break
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