Carnival of Wheels: Edition #59


Here we are in bright, sunny Ontario following yet another giant dump of snow. There is no less than a foot and a half of the white stuff out on the deck! Given that I smoked my shoulder yesterday, there will be no shoveling for me, that’s what 4×4 and snow tires are for. Instead I’m here to take you for a hot lap around the auto blogs, on time for a change! Grab a coffee and get ready for a big one folks!

First up this week we have Niharika from EcoTrekker who has an incredible list of suggestions on how to Hypermile. In other words, some strategies on how to improve your gas mileage. To be honest, I stopped reading after the suggestion (with a disclaimer) that drafting will improve your fuel consumption. Yes, it will decrease the fuel you use when you are dead under the back of a semi.

Over at Car Buying Tips, friendly GM sales dude Chuck Russell gives some great insight into the car buying negotiation process. He also has a few comments about the sales process: The job of a Car Salesman is to sell their car at the highest price possible and the customer is trying to buy the car at the lowest price possible. Let’s face it, isn’t the job of any salesman to sell their products and retain gross? If there is no gross, there is no profit and the dealership closes. End of story.

There is a brand new car blogger on the block who calls himself icecoldfire. One of his first posts is about the goodness that is the Audi R8. Nice set of wheels indeed. One recommendation ice: use your real name. Readers will relate to you better. Welcome to the CoW.

Hmmm… Long time contributor to the CoW, Wenchy Poo, had submitted a post about the Smart Car. Unfortunately, the post seems to have vanished from her archives. Still, it’s worth a visit to glean some wisdom from Wenchy.

Over at Automoblog, the boys are having a bit of a back and forth on the topic of Hybrid cars. Specifically on the sporting leanings of performance cars. Mike wonders if performance hybrids are an oxymoron, while Tony has a suggestion on how to build a better mouse trap. Hate to say it Mike, but I’m with T on this one. Bring on the Caterham!

What is the most expensive aspect of owning a car? The Used Car Guru asks just that question. You may be surprised at the answer.

More money topics, who woulda thunk?

Over at Debt Free, Steve Faber is talking about ways to save money. Of course one of the biggest things we spend money on is our cars, so he has more than a few tips on how to manage those expenses.

That’s it for another Carnival of Wheels, we’ll get the next one up in a couple of weeks. Just a reminder to those who might be considering submitting a post. This is the Carnival of Wheels, not home financing, beauty, basketball or anything else. If it doesn’t have wheels on it, we’re not going to include it. That said, this is The Garage, so anything that might be found in a garage with wheels on it is fair game. Cars, bikes, planes, heck boats have a steering wheel!

See ya!

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