Carnival of Wheels: Edition #57 – Finally!


Way back when Mark Tapscott decided to shut down the Carnival of Cars, I wondered why he couldn’t fit it into his week. After all, the content is basically handed to you on a plate. All you need to do is read it and write a little review. Right. After working on this thing for the past year, I’ve come to realize how much time it really takes! It’s fun to read what everyone has to say week after week, but it really does take a chunk of time. Edition #56 of the CoW was partially published 3 weeks ago and I haven’t had time to get it finished up. Today’s CoW will be jam packed full of 3 weeks worth of submissions. From the next while, I’m going to try this on a bi-weekly basis and see how it goes. For now, Join me in front of the fire with a nice cold beverage and we’ll take a fast lap around the auto blogs.

First up, let’s visit one of our old faithfuls. Brian Vermette from RaceDriven has been around the CoW from day one. This time around he asks “What did $1 Million dollars get you at the 2008 Barrett-Jackson?” Maybe the bigger question should be: What didn’t fetch as much as was expected? How about Ol Shel’s personal GT500 ragtop that went for just $675,000!

The Littlest Guy has all you’ve ever wanted to know about crude oil condensed into one tidy post.

Police car identification is one of a young driver’s rites of passage, just ask Alex Roy. Over at State of the Brand, Jason Voiovich takes an interesting look at the Carbon Motors police car as a study of brand visibility. A cool topic on a cool car that deserves more investigation.

Over at Girls Who Network, Heather Juma has discovered our friends at Ask Patty. Heather rightly points out that AP is a great spot for hip chicks to get all their motoring questions answered.

“I think maybe you should try the beach cafe”. I just love Dropkick Monkey. Maybe it’s the collection of cool ads, maybe it’s just the funny name. Either way, the monkeys have found a couple of Tata television spots that have some fun Bollywood style.

Over at the Money Blue Book, Raymond has opened up that age old oil change mileage can of worms. While Raymond may be a bit misguided on a couple of points, he is right bang on when he suggests that you follow the manufacturer’s suggested intervals. Oh yes, while today’s engines are more efficient, frequent oil changes are more important than ever. Ask anyone who works in the industry happens when consumers try to extend their intervals!

New engines aren’t cheap and if you miss a couple of oil changes you’ll find that you don’t have a warranty to fall back on!

Over at the Tip Diva, the Tip Dude has compiled a list of things every driver should keep in their car to keep safe on the road. It’s a gnarly list Dude but I hope your Woody is full size to carry all that stuff!

I just love a bit of historical digging. Over at Walking The Berkshires, Tim Abbott is trying to figure out what era an old family car picture was taken. I would tend to agree with the storm surge theory, as if the car were buried in snow I doubt the gent would be wearing only a shirt and tie.

Over at Automoblog, Chris was lucky enough to spend some time behind the wheel of the new Honda Accord Coupe.

Chuck Russell loves the 08 Cadillac CTS and would love to sell you one. He’s one of the good guys, so if you’re in the market, give him a shout.

As most of the world knows now, Autoweek broke the embargo on photos of the Dodge Challenger SRT8. As always, Jeff Fisher from DrivingEnthusiast has something to say about it.

Oh man, I’m just way too late with this CoW. Chris at Automoblog has a preview of the Chicago Auto Show. Of course I’m sure he also has show coverage by now!

Here in The Garage, we are all big fans of Carroll Shelby and all that he’s accomplished over the years. Some folks feel that his actions of late have been less than sporting. I think that most of these folks need to get their heads out of their ass and see the whole story. Sorry Jeff, but Shelby isn’t the bad guy here!

The Ferrari Effect. Over at Debt Free, Steve Faber points out that late model Ferrari’s are still more than holding their value. Could this be an indication that the US economy is still fairly strong? While it may not be a true indicator, it definitely shows there are still a bunch of folks with stupid amounts of disposable cash!

And that’s it for a very big Carnival of Wheels! Remember, the next issue will be in two weeks time. Bloggers, remember to get your submissions in by midnight on Saturday, February 23 for inclusion in the next CoW!

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