Carnival of Wheels: Edition #5


Well, it’s been a crazy week here in The Garage and a busy week around the blogosphere too. This week’s Carnival of Wheels has the most submissions so far, with fifteen in all. The sun is well over the yard arm, and it’s probably set in Daytona again too so feel free to crack open a cold one and join me as I read my way around the car blogs.

Normally when guys from the Middle East poke fun at religion, it gets tempers flaring. In this case, the anonymous Bizarre Jokester from New Dehli us sharing his automotive interpretation of the bible. My Fave? Meanwhile, Moses rode an old British motorcycle, as evidenced by a Bible passage declaring, “the roar of Moses’ Triumph is heard in the hills.”

Following up on last week’s CoW submission, Brian Vermette at RaceDriven has views on more changes coming in the 2007 NASCAR season. As the season is now only 20 days away, we’ll see how Mr. V’s predictions fare soon enough.

Conflicts between series sponsors and team sponsors aren’t a new thing. Unfortunately for the team, the greater good usually wins. Mike from 8racingfan doesn’t like it that way & thinks that NASCAR’s new title sponsor should suck it up and allow a bit of competition.

Chuck Russell is looking forward to seeing this new coupe from Pontiac in the showroom.

Craig Wilson says:
Gone are the days of just listening to the car or taking it for a drive and being able to pinpoint the problem, usually with good accuracy! Give me the days of when a tune-up meant changing points and plugs, setting dwell and timing, adjusting air/fuel mixture and away you go!
Now Craig is sad that technology is moving cars away from the independant shop and back to the dealer. He’s right, but I’m a little befuddled by the statement above. If i’m not wrong, the cars sold in Oz are pretty close to what we see here in North America. I don’t think a car with points has been sold in at least 20 years. Dude…that would mean you were still in grade school when points last hit the market! I suspect that when you hit the bench the cars were equipped with OBD1. Those days were tough for techs, but today generic scanners for OBD 1 & 2 are really cheap and readily available. I think that it may even be easier today for the smart shop owner to keep up. The older guys who aren’t willing to change are in for a tougher time.

And now, on with the CoW

Sorta like the Ford vs Chevy Holden battles in Oz, BMW and Mercedes fight it out over who sells the most luxo barges. According to Alborz at Australian car Advice, the MB folks seem to pad their numbers with industrial fleet vehicles. Do you mean that an X5 towing a SeaDoo isn’t a work truck? I didn’t think so.

Car enthusiasts often hear us industry and media types use some funky terms and wonder what we are talking about. Badge engineering and platform sharing are two of those terms that often confuse the armchair enthusiast. Leroy has a great description and some perfect examples.

It seems like the plight of the independant in Australia might be a bit tougher than it is here in Canada, as Alborz voices some similar concerns about the future of techs as Craig did. Are the independants really disappearing Down Under? If so, maybe there is a market for some business coaches!

It’s no secret that Ford is in trouble in a big way. Over at Debt Free, Steve has some suggestions that might just save Ford’s bacon. Get rid of the dolts, stop selling in markets that don’t work for ya! Ok, so his advice isn’t that simple, but there’s some pretty solid business ideas here.

Chuck has a bit about the Mazda Ryuga. While the post is brief, he may be on to something with the observation that car makers are running out of ideas when it comes to new car names.

What? No Bobbleheads? Barb from Great Family Gadgets has a solution for some of the stuff that floats loose on the front seat? Can’t stand it when your cell phone sails across the dash? No problem, just lay out the sticky pad and go.

What do most guys do when the auto hubs start failing on their off road toy? Get rid of them and install manual hubs! Craig at Autofix isn’t your typical guy though, wanting to get to the root of the problem instead. Sounds like some pretty talented electrical diagnostics there Mr. Wilson. Not sure I’ll ever get used to people calling ground earth, but then again it’s been a while since I’ve worked with a Brit car shop manual.

That Bizarre guy from New Delhi has compiled a list of F1 car bits and pieces. I hesitate to use the word facts, because there are a few bits that seem a little off. Interesting read though.

Once again, Madeline has taken to making fun of her automotively inept hubby. It seems the lights are on a bit too often? Is anybody home? Maybe next week the hubby should provide some sort of rebuttal! Could the fair Madeline have some automotive faults she’s not telling us about?

Other than real world dunce activity, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of really solid car humour out there. But then, that sentiment was before I discovered Avant News a couple of weeks ago. Imagine, headline news written in advance. The Ford folks should watch this one, they might find a few more killer business ideas, not to mention some great names:
The preemptive recall affects all 2011 Ford models slated for production in 2010, including the Ford Thong, the Ford Downsizer, the gasoline-coal Ford Behemoth Hybrid, the Ford POS, the Ford Bifocal, and the timeless Ford Gelding.

I think I have a neighbour who drives a Ford POS.

And that’s it for this week’s Carnival of Wheels, I hope you’ve enjoyed the read.

Don’t forget to visit next Sunday for Edition #6. Deadline for submissions is Saturday at Midnight.


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    Great work again! And yes we see cars with the old points type ignition on a daily basis over here, it’s not just me showing my age! or is it? Once again great carnival!

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