Carnival of Wheels: Edition #36


It’s hard to believe that summer has flown by so fast and is coming to an end. Here in The Garage, it’s been a whirlwind of races, road tests and running kids around to baseball. It looks like September will be more of the same, as we are heading to the Poconos for the IMPA Test Days at Pocono Raceway later this week. As a result, the CoW is going to take a week off next week while we spend a couple of days enjoying the scenery. Don’t worry though, we’ll still be posting lots of photos. For now, let’s strap in and take a hot lap around the automotive blogosphere.

First up, the NASCAR world has been all abuzz with rumours of a big move between manufacturers. The story goes that one of the big Chevy teams might cross over to the Toyota camp. Many pundits suggest that team might be Joe Gibbs Racing. That’s got Brian Vermette at RaceDriven wondering what Chevrolet is failing at. Let’s face it, the combo of JGR and Chevy is a winning one. What flaw could be so bad that Gibbs would consider switching brands?

We know that the Evo X will be making itself visible very, very soon. Then maybe we can get some solid info. This week, Jeff Fisher at DrivingEnthusiast has the scoop on a scooped JDM Evo X sales brochure. All I can say is that all the drivetrain trickery in the world won’t impress me if the car actually arrives with only 274 horsepower. With the 300 plus that the big blue neighbour promises, that just makes the Evo look like a Napoleonic wimp. We can only hope this is a ruse set out for prying online eyes.

Newcomer to the CoW, Samir Bharadwaj tells the tale of hard working 911, forced to load up with a 50 kg drum of food grade glue. Whoever thought Porsche’s best would be used for carrying ground up horse hooves. As Samir points out, the 911 is a triumph of design. Perhaps the coolest bit from the post is the following observation: One of the sad side effects of living in Dubai is that you see too many super cars too often and seeing a Porsche is not really an occasion for surprise any more, at least when you drive around as much as we do. That’s cool!

We’ve got another newcomer to the CoW this week, this time coming at us from sunny California. Alex blogs at Basic Transportation and he’s wondering what it will take to get Americans to go Euro style and lose the big SUV’s. Head on over and take Alex’s poll.

I’ll tell you something. When someone tells me how to fit my 2 boys and I and 3 full hockey bags into a little car, or go away for a long weekend with the stuff needed for a family of 5 is when I will cave and stop having an SUV in the house. With a family of 5, at least one big vehicle is a necessity.

That’s all for this week’s edition of the Carnival of Wheels. Remember, we’re taking next week off, so the submissions deadline for the next CoW is Saturday, September 15 at Midnight. Till then, keep on reading The Garage for your daily auto fix.


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