Carnival of Wheels: Edition #33


Welcome once again to the late summer Carnival of Wheels. As automotive bloggers, like everyone else, take vacations during the summer, things are a bit sparse again today. That’s ok though, as I’m off to a golf tournament for the dealer group. Silly thing is, I don’t really want to go. At least there are some windy cart paths at this course & I should be able to do a bit of creative driving in the cart! For now, let’s get on with the show!

Formula 1 has always had a somewhat rocky relationship with the United States. Canada has been a bit more stable, other than a brief squabble over TV rights a few years back. The US Grand Prix is done once again, and Brian from RaceDriven thinks that’s just fine given the current formula which seems to have become more of a procession than a race.

This is our second visit from Tim at Walking the Berkshires. This week, Tim is reminiscing about the time he spent with a faithful old Land Rover Series IIa while working in Namibia in the Nineties. The ever capable trucks were a perfect choice for an American in Africa, as they are easy to fix and used parts were plentiful. Somehow, I think they probably still are.

That’s it for this week’s brief CoW. Be sure to swing by next week for the next edition. Bloggers, remember to get your submissions in by Saturday to be included.

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