Carnival of Wheels: Edition #25


Happy Father’s Day and welcome to the 25th edition of the Carnival of Wheels. It’s another big day for racing, as the 24 hours of Le Mans has finished up, the US GP is today and the NASCAR boys are in Michigan. I didn’t get to watch too much of the French summer classic, but it looks like Audi won again and Corvette was beaten by Aston Martin. Of course, Villeneuve didn’t finish, surprisingly it wasn’t his fault. Now it’s time to begin our hot laps around the auto blogs, we’re going to do a couple of sessions today, as this week’s CoW is a big one. So grab a coffee and away we go!

We all know someone who has a saved by a Volvo story and this week, Rickey adds his story to the list. Sounds pretty lucky that all his brick received was a bit of a bump. Much better that the other car.

Over at Mike has a few words about the the latest news from the Earnhardt camp. What do you think? Will the evil step monster let Junior bring #8 with him?

While we’re on the topic of Dale Jr. Brian at RaceDriven has a few words about the sponsorship possibilities for Dale’s new ride. Should the team cater to the tailgaters outside the track, or to the legions of kids who are the superfans of the future? I’m leaning towards Tony the Tiger and friends.

We’re heading out to take some shots of the 2007 Ford Edge now, we’ll be back later to continue with the CoW.

We’re back for a bit, so on we go:

We’ve got a few newcomers this week and first up is Oliver from vFlyer Blog. Oliver has made the observation that while the real estate industry has jumped on the blogging bandwagon with gusto, the retail car industry seems to have shunned blogging. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s because car dealers are slow changing, skeptical types who don’t see the value of the internet.

While car dealers may not embrace the net, here and there we see salesmen who take things into their own hands, just like a real estate agent would. CoW regular Chuck Russell is just one of those forward thinking guys. Chuck sells products from The General and is pretty happy to see the 2008 Buick Enclave coming to showrooms.

A couple of years ago, I was in Chicago on a training gig and one of the trainers was lamenting the loss of the big old Caddy, as he felt it was the only car fit for him. Why I wondered, did a hip 40 ish guy want an old man’s car? He responded with “Hey…I’m an Italian in Chicago, what else would I drive?” I guess I’m pretty far removed from that scene here as a cake from Toronto!

Which leads me to our next guest, Kevin from the Marketing & Adbits Blog. Apparently the final whack job in the Sopranos finale took place in front of a Ford product. Many assumed it was a key product placement ad, yet it seem that the folks at Ford were taken by surprise on this one. Maybe the mob has switched allegiance from Caddy to Ford.

After yet another break, now I’m enjoying a cold Mill Street Stock Ale outside on the deck in the sun! Wireless is wonderful!

Another regular here at the CoW is Jeff from Driving Enthusiast. Jeff is sort of a Ford nut, so he fits with the Ford theme here in The Garage this week. It seem that Ford is partnering with non other than Honda to adapt Honda’s i-VTEC system to some Ford muscle. The first offering will likely be a twin-cam V8 powered Stang somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 ponies. I can’t wait to hear the sound when the cam lobes change, it should be wild.

Another newcomer to the Carnival of Wheels this week is Irv Robinson from the BMW blog. Irv is another one of the good guys in the car sales force, sharing his love of the Beemer! Like many newcomers, Irv is working hard to show off his work so he’s sent in a bunch of posts. Firstly he comments on an Edmunds post comparing the BMW 335i and the Lexus IS350. European Delivery is one of those really cool deals. Buy a car, save enough dough to pay for a trip to Europe. How come they can offer such a deal? Irv has some of the details. Next up in the BMW world is the next M3. The details on this beast are enough to make one salivate.

Another regular here at the Carnival of Wheels is Alborz Fallah, whose blog Australian Car Advice is slowly turning into supercar central. With road tests on Lambos and the like becoming commonplace, this week the team has kicked things up a notch or 5. Follow Adam Kaplan as he joins 13 Pagani Zondas on the road to Monaco, with a stop along the way at Lake Como. All I can say is wow!

It’s not often that we get reviews of the two wheeled variety here in The Garage, but with the environmental concerns these days, we are seeing more scooters and the like on our roads so why not. Richard at Review Stuff lives in Thailand, where I’m sure cheap two wheeled machines are far more common than they are here in Southern Ontario. Richard rented a Honda Air Blade and liked it so much he bought one.

Who says the wheels have to be motorized? While our kids race go karts, many kids build and race soap box racers which are powered by gravity and nothing else. Jon Rochetti from The DC Traveller had the details of yesterday’s soap box rally on Constitution Avenue.

And finally for this week, Jeff at Driving Enthusiast wants us to rate our fave car flicks. I have to admit that I still haven’t watch all of LeMans, even though I now own a copy! I know, I’m lame but I just have too many things on the go to sit down and watch a movie that nobody else in the house wants to see! I guess I’ll have to go with Grand Prix as my number one, followed by Bullitt.

That’s it for this week’s Carnival of Wheels. Stay tuned next Sunday, where the CoW will be jammed in somewhere between the VARAC festival and a golf tournament. Bloggers, don’t forget to get your submissions in before midnight on Saturday.

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