Canadian Magna International May Bid On Chrysler


We don’t normally comment too much on the business side of things here in The Garage, but this is too close to home to ignore. Just-Auto is reporting that GTA based Magna International may be looking to step into the bidding ring for Chrysler. The purchase would be a logical one, as Magna has long been a supplier to Chrysler and even runs an assembly plant for DCX in Austria.

Some industry folks will likely worry that Magna will lock out any other suppliers in order to ensure they have full control. That looks like a pretty valid worry, as Magna is definitely a powerhouse parts manufacturer.

Over at Autoblog, they wonder if Wolfgang Bernhard might head up the new endeavour enroute to filling the shoes of a retiring Frank Stronach. While that may be a possiblity, what about daughter Belinda Stronach? Won’t just be a matter of time before she gets bored of playing politician?

Then there is the matter of Stronach’s urge to build his own car. Stories have been floating around for the past few years that Frank would like to use his company’s combined talents to create a complete vehicle. Rather than building an assembly facility, why not just buy Chryco? It seems to make some sense.

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