BMW no longer The Ultimate Driving Machine


Over the years, we’ve seen the brand image guys at several auto manufacturers make some pretty strange decisions. Now, in a world where brand image is so important, BMW may have made the the biggest gaff of all.

In an inexplicable stroke of weirdness, BMW is replacing it’s 31 year old slogan The Ultimate Driving Machine is becoming A Company of Ideas. This sounds like the thoughts of a high school marketing class, not one of the world leaders in brand image. Who wants to drive an idea, when you could be driving the Ultimate Driving Machine?

At a time when most manufacturers are having a hard time defining their brand, BMW has started to deconstruct theirs.

Source Autoblog


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    I wonder if BMW is trying to increase recognition of its Designworks USA group, which is certainly full of ‘ideas’ that are outside the automobile industry. I don’t know which is bigger, BMW or Designworks USA, but if the BMW brand has greater visibility, this could be the root of the issue.

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    Agreed, ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ is not only the longest-running automotive tagline that I can think of, but indeed, the best.


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