How do I steer this thing?

wheel off

I’m sure karma is going to bite me in the ass one day for this, but I can never get enough of videos of a driver with a steering wheel in his hands, rather than attached to the steering column as was intended.

This time, the video comes from Brian Ghidinelli in his Spec Miata racer at Road Atlanta. It was Brian’s first time visiting the track, and his first practice session for the 2014 SCCA Majors race. Fortunately, the driver was able to snap the quick release back in place before he had to repair anything other than his soiled drawers.

Source: Youtube via GRM on Facebook

Watch a 61 car pile-up unfold in real time


Thanks to Hollywood, most people think a car crash creates a glorious, explosive noise coupled with fireballs and flying objects. In reality, it is typically more of a dull thwack, as metal and plastic crumple sections do their job. It is actually a rather sickening sound once you have heard it a few times in real life. You are about to hear it a bunch of times.

Yesterday afternoon an icy Hwy. 55 in Minnesota, became the scene of a 61 car pile-up, as car after car slammed into the stopped vehicles in their path. The incident began when a tractor trailer jack-knifed and blocked the road. One of the early “arrivals” got out of his car and started shooting video with his phone before trying to help out fellow motorists. Typically it is safer to remain in your car, but in this case there was a wide sidewalk behind a barrier and our camera guy helps people over the barrier before running up the road to attempt to slow traffic down.
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/MOMO SlowMo from Sebring


Just because race organizers didn’t have their crap together at Sebring doesn’t mean that the event was devoid of great content. Quite the opposite, as my buddies at /DRIVE were on hand shooting their unique style of awesomeness for those of us who weren’t able to attend.

There are fewer things cooler than super high frame rate video of racing cars at full chat, showed right down so the viewer can see the the tires and suspension moving and body panels flexing. This is the second installment of /DRIVE’s newest feature: MOMO SlowMo.



I might be able to press the shutter release and string together a few sentences, but I can’t create any sort of graphic content to save my life. Even an attempt at drawing a VW Beetle ends up looking more like a deformed turtle, so you might say that I am somewhat in awe of people who can draw. Even more so who can bring their images to life.

For his final project of the 3D Animation and Visual Effects program in Vancouver Film School, Malek Rizkallah turned to the crash test dummy to showcase his creativity. When an unexpected spark between two dummies occurs, Rizkallah brings life to the inanimate beings who then play out a short love affair that is fitting for a crash test.

It’s a shame they weren’t wearing seatbelts, or the VW Scirocco might have saved them.

Ice Racing in Ontario


I know that all of us are waiting for Winter to finally go away, but the folks at Mobil 1 have just released this short that is a bit of a primer on ice racing. The sport is good fun, even if it is crazy cold in Ontario cottage country. Now that the season is over, it might be a good time to pick up a slightly used ice racer for a couple of hundred bucks and start beating panels ahead of next Winter.

Impatient Camaro driver clips oncoming Volvo


A number of years ago, I remember reading a Q & A with then Sgt. Cam Woolley, when someone asked when it was ok to pass on a rural road. The not so obvious answer was that on a single yellow line, one can pass provided it is safe to do so. Then there were the obvious dotted line discussions and the fact that you may never, ever pass on a double yellow line. Common sense that one.

When that double yellow is on a twisty canyon road, it shouldn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that you should stay in your own lane, even if there is a local turtle ahead of you. Last weekend in California, a current generation Chevy Camaro driver felt that the law and common sense didn’t apply to him. #becausecamara ya know.

Reddit user humanwire was out for a drive and had a couple of cameras on board.

Went out this Saturday to hit up my favorite canyon road with some friends, but it ended up being closed once we got there. Hesitantly, we decided to give a Malibu canyon road (Decker Canyon, aka Route 23) a try on the way back, so the whole day wasn’t a complete waste.
I was quickly reminded why I don’t like driving on Malibu canyon roads, and why I head out much further away from Los Angeles for some frisky driving.
A group of three cars came barreling up behind us; a black Comaro, a red Mazdaspeed 3, and a black M3, unable to wait a second for a turnout.

Completely ruined the fun mood of the trip, and my friends and I turned around almost immediately so we wouldn’t be associated with that group. Wouldn’t want a CHP call to go out including us with that group.
Too many dickhead drivers. Too much traffic. Too many police patrols. Less than stellar roads (not all of them).

Pony car boy gets fed up with idling along behind a slowpoke in a Ford Explorer, and decides to pull out and pass, on a blind corner. He actually clips a Volvo that was headed in the opposite direction. Things could have very easily been a deadly incident, so everyone involved were very lucky.

Here’s to hoping that the local police get hold of this and track the moron down.

Source: YouTube via Reddit

Ride along for a new lap record at VIR


Any time a race track is re-paved, you can expect to see some new records. Virginia International Raceway just finished renovating their racing surface and popular resident driving coach Peter Krause was the first one to lay down a blistering track record. Driving his 1984 Tiga Sports 2000, Krause set a 1:59.9 lap, the first time anyone has ever broken the two minute mark.

Bask in the glory dude because something tells me this record won’t stand for too long!

Porsche GTS web spots by Toronto filmmaker


Warwick Patterson of Formula Photographic isn’t the only Canadian filmmaker making his presence known in the international automotive scene these days. Toronto based Tamir Moscovici of Spy Films is the guy behind Sony’s new web flick about the man behind the ultra popular Grand Tourismo series of games for Playstation.
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Leo Parente on how to stop F1 + IMSA Screwing Up Racing


Because of the insanely early broadcast time and the fact that I forgot to PVR it, I didn’t watch the Australian Grand Prix. Then, last Monday all I saw on my various social media streams were complaints of penis nosed cars that sounded like pregnant lawn equipment. Oh, there were also discussions about a Red Bull F1 driver I have never heard of who was disqualified for some technical infraction that sounded like it was at least partly the FIA’s fault. Sounded like I wasn’t missing anything.

I did however watch the excellent internet feed from Sebring, where the IMSA folks seemed to finally figure out how to properly broadcast a race online. I got to watch some monumental incidents that were caused by pay-to-play drivers with limited talent that damn near killed a couple of pros. I did have to get out of the house for a while, so I missed the incidents that led up to IMSA race control’s colossal blunder. In case you missed it, IMSA assessed an 80 second stop and go penalty for avoidable contact to a car that was nowhere near the incident in question. The penalty most likely caused a dramatic change to the podium at the end of the day. This marked two events in a row where IMSA officials had made major gaffs that affected the outcome of the competition.
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Canadian Rally Championship 2014 Teaser


As a Canadian rally fan, journalist and past competitor, I obviously have an affinity for the sport here in this country. For many years, rally in Canada has been a very small niche sport, largely because many events are held in very rural settings. With the advent of modern media though, perhaps driven by the success of series like the X-Games and Global RallyCross, the scene has become much more vibrant in recent years as potential fans can see just how exciting the sport is from home.
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