Audi Speculation


Audi, through a press release has made it know that they want to be in the spotlight at the North American International Automobile Show in Detroit next month. The company announced the world premier of both a new concept vehicle and production vehicle at the Midwest carapaloza.

The concept is expected to be the R8 Targa. The new Audi R8 Spider comes with removable targa panels rather than a space grabbing removable fabric roof or folding hard-top .It is said to be powered by the same 4.2 liter V8 delivering 414hp that is currently powering the RS4 and the R8 coupe. Audi also plans to equip the R8 will the V10 engine from Lamborghini Gallardo delivering 500hp.

We recently reported that Audi bought 30 seconds of Super Bowl time. It seems like the R8 might be a good candidate to show its wares.



European insiders seem to think the best choice for the production car reveal will be either the Q5 SUV the smaller version of the Q7 or the 2.0 liter TT-S The TT-S gets the same 2.0 liter TFSI engine from the Audi S3, but bumped up to 280hp, and will be available as Coupe and Roadster.



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