Action in the pits


Daytona was a bit weird for me, as it was the rare time that I have been at a race without photo credentials. That meant that I didn’t have my go anywhere access, but my media creds still offered unlimited access to the pits, unlike some other series. As Sunday rolled onwards and teams packed up and went home, the empty pit stalls became perfect spots to shoot the action in the pits. I decided to stitch together some stop action footage and through in a soundtrack of the on track action. I hope you like it!


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    Hey Gary, it looks like you had a pretty good seat/spot there even without your "go anywhere pass"… When you're that close, don't you get nervous? All of the races that I've watched have some kind of crazy freak accident and you've got the courage to stand right there?!?! You're a brave brave man… Luckily for me, you're the one standing there taking the photos from the line of fire so I'll just sit back and continue to live through you! Thanks for the cool video of your images put together like a slideshow… Stay safe!

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