A tragic loss at Talledega: Pit Road Commitment Cone


Jay Busbee at From The Marbles has reported that every driver’s friend, Pit Road Commitment Cone, has passed as a result of an off track incident. Cone was guarding his post when Kurt Busch left the racing surface and mowed down the Talledega employee, who has been on the job for years.

Busbee reports:
Cone had served faithfully at the track for many years, and was a visible and reliable presence at the superspeedway. “I don’t know anybody who didn’t respect Cone,” a visibly shaken Jimmie Johnson said afterward. Other drivers echoed the sentiment; Cone’s word was law around Talladega, but he was evenhanded. So to speak.

As one who has caused the demise of many of Cone’s distant relatives, my heart goes out to his family.

The graphic video following the break may not be safe for work.


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    I love you guys humor, but damn, RIP Caution cone is the biggest story to come out of Talladega? How about a boring race or Ryan Newman and Mark Martin getting airborn? Ok maybe the caution cone was interesting, of course Jay also wrote RIP Talladega too.

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