A Saab Snow Job


First it was Porsche partnering on a cheesy snow sled. Now Saab gets into the winter mix with the endorsement of a ski.

Saab has teamed up with sports brand Salomon to launch a new ski named the ‘Salomon Aero X’. The ski is inspired by Saab’s Aero X concept car that was unwrapped at the 2006 Geneva Show. Or at least that’s what the two companies’ claim, as I fail to see any resemblance at all between the two. The Aero X ski is priced at around $ 1.015.


Both have their strong points within their own segment.

The Saab Aero X was one of the concept stars in Geneva. The Aero X is a sports coupe that harnessed the power of Saab’s aircraft and Scandinavian design roots. Its innovative features included an aircraft-style cockpit canopy, eliminating the need for doors, and a 400 hp, twin-turbo, V6 BioPower engine fuelled by pure bioethanol, giving zero fossil CO2 emissions. Inside, the cockpit utilized techniques derived from Swedish glass and precision instrument making to display data in graphic 3-D images on glass-like acrylic ‘clear zones’, eliminating conventional dials and switches.


Benoit Saint Venant, Head of Design at Salomon said, “This collaboration is testament to the fact that Saab and Salomon complement each other perfectly and understand each other’s independent-minded target audiences. Both brands are celebrating their 60-year anniversary this year and together represent cutting edge design when it comes to sporty, activity-related products.”

Sort of groping at straws Mr. Saint Venant, looking for a comparison. I guess you can do slalom’s with cars or ski’s.

Cutting edge concept and cool looking ski’s, but any similarity is purely coincidental!


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    It’s just a marketing thing. Saab and Salomon have been in partnership for several years now. Saab sponsors a Salomon ski team and several ski events, I believe.

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