A Honda Element-for the Dog

2010 Dog Friendly Honda Element

As an automotive journalist, I’m often asked “I need a car, but I love dogs-what should I buy?’ Ok, so I’ve never been asked this question, but available now at your Honda dealer is the Dog Friendly Element. The offbeat but enormously practical Element with an easy to clean interior has been popular with buyers with active lifestyles, and dog-lovers as well. The Dog Friendly Element takes that appeal to a whole new level. Typical with Honda, this is one well thought out package.

The Dog Friendly package includes a soft-sided cargo area kennel. The kennel features a cushioned pet bed with an elevated platform, a 12V DC rear ventilation fan, and an extendable ramp. The ramp folds under the kennel, but allows your dog to walk up from street level. Also included are second row seat covers with a dog pattern design, and a spill resistant water bowl.

The Dog Friendly Element is a $995 option, and is only available on the Element EX, which is priced at $22,635 (front-wheel drive) to $$23,885 (all-wheel drive).*

Pricing in USD

2010 Honda Element EX


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