2013 North American International Autoshow wrap-up

Dario & George

While @thegarageblog on Twitter has been crazy active over the past week or so, things have been pretty quiet here in The Garage Blog. Why? Well, truth be told, I am so busy with my real job that I don’t have time to keep up with The Garage. For those of you who don’t know, my real job isn’t really a job at all. Instead, I am a freelancer with a daily and weekly gig over at the Toronto Star’s Wheels.ca, so when I’m done writing (I’m never really done) I really don’t have the energy to come here and write more.

So, my own coverage of the 2013 NAIAS is going to be limited to a shit load of pictures.

I will tell you that the absolute highlight of the show for me was turning a corner and seeing the Borg-Warner Trophy, in all its glory, standing out in the open, waiting for me to drool on it. Rather than just the usual gearhead drool, this was a chance for me to truly experience a bit of family history that I have never actually been close enough to embrace. Seeing my Grandfather’s Cousin’s name and face on the trophy was quite the moment for me. You can read more about my connection to George Robson here.

Now, head past the jump to see all sorts of stuff from the show.

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