2006 Pirelli calendar


As anyone who’s been into cars for years can attest, the annual Pirelli calendar is legendary. Not only is it sought after because of it’s rarity, but also for it’s artful nudie shots, that have absolutely nothing to do with tires. In fact, I don’t think there are cars or tires featured in any of the shots in the years since 1968 when we saw a couple of psychadelic dune buggies. Pirelli now has a wonderful site devoted to the calendar, which includes archives dating way back to 1964. Being guys, we just had to study the archives to find the first signs of nippular activity! In 1970, we see some outline, but not until 1971 did we see the nekkid breast. Looking at the progression to the 2006 version, I expect we’ll see an X rated calendar (in black & white of course) by about 2012.


  1. Zulma Violeta Ortiz says

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