1967 Castrol book of Achievements

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It’s been a while since we’ve delved into the archives here in The Garage, so for this pre Christmas weekend I thought it might be cool to spin back to 1967 with the Castrol Book of Acheivments. This nice little magazine covers all sorts of motorsports. Rallycross, Formula 1, Grand Prix motorcycles, jet airplanes and even trials testing of boats. Perhaps most notable however are some of the differences in motorsports media from the Sixties to today.

Wheel Wench: Not even Pit Betty. The term Wheel Wench was actually used to describe British saloon racer Anita Taylor. Can you imagine how many panties would be in a bunch if a modern publication called Danica Patrick a Wheel Wench?

Good looking willowy blonde was the way they described the adventurous Sheila Scott. The accomplished actress, model, race car driver and trans atlantic pilot was known to remain very much a woman. “Before coming in to land, she frequently changes into an attractive dress, gives herself a face do and makes sure that her hair is just right”. Yeah.

Moose Knuckle The shot of Mike Hailwood in his fashionable black leathers is just plain wrong. In an effort to help you keep your lunch down, I won’t post that one.

In a world where 3 of Carlin’s 7 dirty words are common place, and we can see tits on TV, it’s pretty funny to see some of the old things that just wouldn’t fly in today’s world. Long live the Sixties!

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