100 Greatest Formula 1 videos

Keith over at Formula 1 Fanatic has posted a multi part series of the top 100 Formula 1 videos. I just lit up my office with the sounds of a 1979 Renault, driven at Montreal by Rene Arnoux. That was back when the F1 jockey’s were real drivers. The car sounds angry and the shifts deliberate, none of this autoshift nonsense we have today!

Other highlights include Senna punching Irvine, Emerson’s first F1 win at Watkin’s Glen in 1970 and the beginning of the Senna/Prost war.

They are only up to number 71 so far, so it will be interesting to see where some of the all time faves end up. My bet is on the Villeneuve vs Arnoux battle to be #1.

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